Three Penny Opera, Acrobat Down, Creta Bourzia, Hovland

posted: 14 February, 2012 09:35 ; from: 20 July 1999

i feel like such an amateur historian doing this - documenting a slice of the Pittsburgh independent music scene from 13 years ago - and the one thing that is "complete" about this poster archive would be for the shows at the Stevenson Theatre, a short-lived venue in East Liberty that I had a hand in running. I have every poster from every Stevenson Theatre event that Doug Mousrak and myself organised, which were the majority of the shows there. Besides us, I remember Manny booking Overhang Party and Primordial Undermind there once (which was AMAZING -- a weird Luke-less lineup of Land opened up and Overhang Party were totally amazing; all stayed at my parents' house); I remember Shawn Brackbill organising Texas is the Reason there. And I also saw Ida and solo Warn Defever, when I asked Warn if he would record the Land album. That's about it though, but perhaps I am forgetting some.

The Stevenson Theatre was a pretty large space - I'd say maybe 150m2 - underneath the Artists and Craftsman's Supply shop on the corner. For some reason, the owners of the property - a couple named Ted and Debbie who also owned a yacht club and had no apparent interest in art or music - were super enthusiastic about our proposal to organise independent rock shows that only 25-50 people would come to. I think we paid them $50 to rent the space each night, but only when the shows did well. There was hardly anything in it for them; it seemed like they were genuinely just into it. (And they went above and beyond the call of duty for a band called Lowercase, which I'll explain when I get around to that poster).

I forget exactly how we approached them - a friend worked at the art store above, and everyone knew it was a great and extremely nice space that was mostly unused. Doug and I had this partnership that summer where we organised a lot of things, and we were always in this push/pull frustration with Manny and Millvale Industrial Theatre. (I've since recanted my negative feelings). 

I remember nothing about these bands except the locals. Amusing though that I'm still slapping my phone number on the flyers, and the stuff about the hardware store, which i think referred to Tru-Value Hardware on Forbes Ave in Oakland. An alternate design of this show will follow.